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I enjoy seeing Dr. Lichtenberger and his staff so much! Not only do they help me look better, they are genuinely caring and professional. I highly recommend a visit!

-Lynda Hinton on Google

Dr. Jason Lichtenberger
Squalicum Parkway
Bellingham, WA 98225

Dear Dr. Lichtenberger and Staff,

From the moment I entered your clinic it was a marvelous experience. I was treated with the utmost kindness and concern and caring during a very vulnerable time in my life. I also want to express appreciation to the nurses who cared for me as well, and in particular, Julie Adams. She was professional, warm, caring and concerned and did everything she could to make this a comfortable experience for me. I would highly recommend your clinic, staff and just the general caring atmosphere you have created to ensure the best possible experience for your patients.

Thank you so much

The LIFE Aesthetic Center has been a major part of my health home for several years now. I spend a lot of time taking care of my general health, and that includes looking healthy too. By getting regular facials from Amy, I’m able to undo some of my skin damage (those icky brown “age” spots) from years of slathering on baby oil and baking in the sun…who knew back then what those rays would do? Amy’s technique isn’t just good for my skin, it feels good too, and is a relaxing experience. She’s a skin magician, and I trust her instincts and her extensive knowledge of the many products and procedures available.

Katy’s laser has also been part of my routine, helping tighten areas that need it, and stimulating collagen production. I noticed results that were very natural looking, and while expecting a low level of discomfort from the laser, I actually didn’t feel anything but a slight ting, almost like a little itch. Katy is a true expert at what she does.

Both Chris and Dr. Lichtenberger have injected Botox around my eyes and forehead, and the immediate results are probably my most favorite procedure! I really don’t want to look younger, just..”.fresher”, and it works. Not one friend has asked what I’m doing, but many have noticed that I appear more “rested” and “relaxed”. I always tell them my little secret is the LIFE Aesthetic Center! Any experience I’ve had is a positive one, and the professionals there treat me more like a family member than a customer or patient. I highly recommend having a consult, as LIFE Aesthetic Center is the “gold standard” for facial care in Whatcom County. You won’t be disappointed if you follow their advice!

(Barb F.)

Dear Dr. Lichtenberger,

You recently performed a procedure for my mother. She has been telling me what a nice and good person you are. Tonight mom called to inform me she received your phone call stating the biopsy was cancerous, but you were confident that it had all been removed. She was ecstatic and I am now convinced that all the praise she has given you is true.

Thank you so much for your care and expertise. It means so much to us that she has received such good care. She is quite a lady and to know that she is over this hurdle means the world to me and our family.

Thanks again and keep doing the good work you were meant to do. It doesn’t hurt to remember that every patient out there has many people counting on them as we do my mom. Thank you so much!

(G.W. Custer, WA)

After many years of looking in the mirror and groaning…I went for a consultation with Dr. Lichtenberger at the LIFE Aesthetic Center. Everyone in the office was so kind and welcoming and Dr. Lichtenberger made me feel very secure. Later, my mother and I went to an evening meeting presented by the LIFE Doctors. A slide show of faces before and after definitely prodded me on to make the decision! My 80 year old mother didn’t wait for me. She jumped right in and had her ear’s tucked She was thrilled and said the operation is a vacation for the patient!

So, I went for eyes, ears face and neck…and I felt the same way. I was so comfortable during the operation. There was no discomfort! So, I highly recommend this life changing adventure for everyone who winces at their reflection! You know!!!…before…I truly noticed that I had become invisible to the general public.

Now I’m watching and I’ve noted that people are really looking at me…and compliments from friends on Facebook and in person are pouring in. Everyone says I look refreshed…who could be unhappy with that! Thank you to all the staff, Amy, Katy, Krystal and Dr. L!!!

( s )

Thank you, not only for an excellent surgical experience with very good results, but also for the professionalism and hospitality of your entire staff. A special thank you to Krystal and Katy for coordinating and assisting with my pre and post operative care. Sharon in the OR and the at-home nursing assistant, Ms Julie Adams, that you arranged for me were marvelous as well.


Thank you for the military discount you extended to me when I visited your office. You are the first business in Bellingham ever to do so and I want you to know how much I appreciate you. Acknowledging our family’s sacrifice and service to the Nation !It feels good to know people care. Also, thanks you for the work you do. Helping someone find confidence and feel better about the way the look is no small thing.

Sincerely ,