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Skin Care Clinic - Bellingham, WA

Do you know how to have your best skin?

We can help you restore the appearance of younger skin, lifting, brightening, and restoring.

A consultation can get you on your way to a treatment plan personalized to your needs and goals. If you are interested in resolving troublesome skin conditions or learning about new and innovative skin care options, Life Aesthetic Center has state of the art solutions.



Makeup Application

Come enjoy a full-face makeup application of Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. Sessions are 30 minutes. Free when you purchase products of $50 or more. ($50)

Makeup Lesson

Join us for a hands-on make up lesson! We will help you find the perfect Jane Iredale mineral foundation for your skin tone and pick colors that will highlight your features. Let us show you new tricks for any occasion, from every day natural to a bolder evening look. Sessions are 30 minutes. Free when you purchase products of $50 or more. ($50)


For years, I have suffered from severe adult onset acne.  This condition can vary in terms of severity for some, but if you are like me, the scars on my face went more than skin deep.  I felt as though my acne defined me and in a sense, it did.  Then I met Amy.  She asked me to participate in a clinical trial, and it would be of no cost to me.  At this point, I was willing to try anything if it might help, even a little bit.  Amy started me on a monthly procedure regimen combined with products that corresponded to my skin type.  I immediately noticed a difference in not only the severity but also the duration of breakouts.

In as little as eight weeks, I was receiving compliments on my complexion from people who had no idea I was having these treatments.  Over time, I also noticed a marked difference in the diminishment of fine lines and signs of aging which was an added bonus I did not expect.    I genuinely looked forward to my sessions with Amy and not only was I getting results, I gained a great friend.

I firmly believe that the amazing products, highly specialized treatments, and the caring touch of Amy have rallied together to change the way I feel about myself and how others see me.   I have never received an unsolicited compliment on my skin, and today I do. ” –Lisa